Co-Director / Animation / Storyboard
Star Track is my graduation film from the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts. This film was created in co-direction with Nico Kast and Mario Miles Wyler. 
When the beat drops, the adventure begins!
Producer: Lucerne School of Art and Design; Director: Beni Morard, Nico Kast, Mario Wyler; Storyboard: Beni Morard; 2D Animation: Beni Morard; Additional Animation: Mario Miles Wyler, Jan Janutin, Pascal Scherrer, Frederic Siegel; Background Artist: Nico Kast; Ink and Paint:  Mario Miles Wyler, Beni Morard, Veronica Ling, Julia Munz; Compositing: Nico Kast, Mario Miles Wyler, Beni Morard; Music: Pascal Schönenberger; Sounddesign and Mix: Thomas Gassman, Sebastian Wyss, Aline Höchli; Credits Design: Anais Voirol, Lukas Suter; Mentoring Dustin Rees, Tom Hänni

Fesivals and Screenings:
Vernafest - World Festival Of Animated Films, BUL, 2014
KLIK! Animation Festival, Amsterdam, NED, 2014
Primanima - World Festival Of First Animations, Budapest, HUN, 2014
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