thanks for having a look at my work.
I'm a Swiss Director, Animator and Storyboard Artist at the Team Tumult Creative Collective in Zürich. My main focus is to create entertaining stories and bring them to life. I'm always open to talk about new projects and collaborations. So, don't hesitate to contact me.

+41 79 530 72 32

After studying 2D Animation I worked on a wide range of animation projects. From character animation and motion graphics for commercials, inbetweening and clean up for an animated TV-show, to directing Short Films. My main focus, however, is for animation and storyboarding. 

Animation Director / 2D Animator / Flash Animator / Storyboard Artist / Motion Designer

Team Tumult / GSFA / SWISS FILMS / Superhaufen / Vaudeville Studios / PULK / Eisprung Studios / Nico Kast / Joël von Moos / Frederic Siegel / Justine Klaiber / Marwan Abdalla / Nina Christen / Andrea Schneider / Etienne Mory / Mario Miles Wyler / Kilian Vilim
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