Director | Animation
Similasan makes homeopathic medicine, widely accessible across Switzerland. So, I directed a series of 18 little cartoons that show that they've got something for every situation.
Client: Similasan AG; Agency: Karling AG; Produced by Team Tumult; Animation Director: Beni Morard; Illustrations: Beni Morard, Nina Christen, Frederic Siegel; Layout: Frederic Siegel, Nina Christen, Beni Morard; Animation: Frederic Siegel, Beni Morard, Nina Christen, Justine Klaiber, Etienne Mory, Joana Locher, Martin Hofer, Lisa Laser; Editor: Beni Morard; Sounddesign Christmas: Frederic Siegel; Sounddesign TV: Hastings AG
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